Do you have a new concept you are looking to bring to market?

Are you looking to create an entirely new outlet?

Are you looking to expand to your 2nd/3rd/4th outlet?

Growth and innovation are at the heart of every business.

Harrington-Leigh Associates are well experienced and well connected enough to assist with all aspects of creating new outlets.
From initial conception right through to opening and beyond, we can provide bespoke assistance every step of the way.

We are also able to deliver personalised solutions across Marketing, PR and Social Media, all of which have a direct impact on the ongoing success of our clients’ businesses. Our team of experienced consultants are involved every step of the way, sharing our contacts and industry knowledge.

We cover all aspects of marketing, PR and social media, from pre- opening and launching of new restaurants, to raising the profile of specific individuals such as chefs, hoteliers and business owners.
Through strategic planning, creative thinking and strong media relations, we devise tailor-made campaigns for each client and deliver them across multiple platforms. Creating a sales plan will enable your business to expand its awareness in a congested market place and expose the business to a wider audience.

Services include:

  • Location Search & Analysis
  • Interior Design and Fit Out
  • Space & Layout Optimisation
  • Menu Creation
  • Supplier Sourcing
  • Staff Retention & Training
  • Operations Manual Creation

Location Search & Analysis

Did you know that 70% of a restaurant or café’s success is its location?

Location analysis takes into consideration local clients, transport links, competitors’ analysis, footfall and the buying power of potential clients.

Countless restaurants fail each year due to location issues and lack of footfall.

We are a team of experts in the European, Middle Eastern and Asian market, we understand the diverse needs across multiple markets and how location fits into the bigger picture, on a local scale.

Design & Fit Out

Ready to deliver your winning concept?

Design and fit out is the process from layout to colour scheme and from equipment sourcing to fitting – it’s where everything “comes to life”.

Choosing the right design and fit out company is important as your interiors are your most accessible brand messages. The right design and fit out company will bring clients to your door and will ensure the equipment chosen is of a quality which will give you a generous return on investment.

Our creative team are experts at designing and fitting outlets across a wide range of budgets and briefs.

Space & Layout Optimisation

Is your outlet laid out strategically?

Site Layout is the way your outlet is designed in terms of location of equipment, tables, kitchen, chairs, etc

A strategically laid out outlet flows better and quicker during service time. Staff will find their work less challenging and more satisfying. In turn your clients will feel you are well organised and will feel looked after and satisfied with your service. This in turn will mean no delays, no hiccups in the operation and a potential saving on costs

We can review your operation, highlighting areas of excellence and areas of improvement.

Menu Creation

We can assist in all aspects of menus, from layout to pricing, printing and design.

Staff Retention & Training

Our consultants can assist with recruitment, training, on-boarding, conflict resolution and more to ensure the talent you find continue to deliver high standards and are motivated.

Supplier Sourcing

How do you know which supplier will provide you both competitive prices and quality?

Supplier sourcing is the selection of the best suppliers on the market offering the most competitive prices.

​Suppliers are like family. The right one will stay with you for a lifetime.

Having a good relationship with a supplier is important and once that happen, you are working with the same vision in mind.

With years of experience, we are very well linked to excellent suppliers in the market and have an established relationship with them.

We can help you to foster lasting relationships that would yield beneficial financial results.

Operations Manual Creation

What to do, when to do it and how to do it?

An operations manual is the guide to every detail and process for successfully running an outlet.

Staff at all levels will have a step by step guide to their daily duties which is essential for consistency in both service and food production.

Operations manuals ensure consistency at all levels. They ensure the company vision, goals, rules and regulations are understood by all staff.

We have prepared detailed operations manuals for a number of operations around the world that have improved their communication, consistency and revenue.